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The passing of a loved one is a very difficult time in our lives. Anxiety and stress can be a big part of the emotions that take us in so many directions. And, then the list of things to consider seems to be never ending, even when good Estate Planning has been set into place. Very often, with elderly parents, especially those that did not wish to leave their home, there is a property or two to prepare for sale and sell. It could also be that repairs and maintenance were not kept up during the loved one’s period of failing health and possibly even a little before the decline of their health. And, perhaps the loved one did not wish to separate themselves from their belongings, leaving even more to consider in the process of preparing the Estate Property for sale. The process really can be very overwhelming, particularly when we are so tender after the loved one’s passing and, grief is the primary emotion.

The Lively Properties Group understands, only too well, what the passing of a loved one means and what can result from the experience. With this in mind, the Lively Properties Group created a Service to assist families and friends through one of the, if not the, most difficult time(s) of their lives.

Estate/Real Estate Preparation Services

The Lively Properties Group basically have searched out Service Providers to assist in just about every aspect of the preparation of the Estate. Service Providers like Probate Lawyers, Funeral Directors at Funeral Homes, in the event these services were not previously chosen, Renovators, Repairs and Maintenance people, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, people specializing in interior and exterior purging, staging and more. The Lively Properties Group understand that there are just times in one’s life when someone else planning the direction is preferred.

Estate Real Estate Sales & Marketing

When all is in readiness for the sale of the Estate Property, the Lively Properties Group review the valuable Real Estate Market information with the family and/or friends or the Estate Property Representative in order to assist in pricing the Estate Property for sale. After the family and/or friend(s) or Estate Property Representative are comfortable with the price chosen they market and sell the Estate Property for the best price.

Cathie Lively & the Lively Properties Group

Cathie Lively and the Lively Properties Group have been selling Real Estate for more than 30 years. They provide Estate Sale services in Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and can coordinate Estate Sales in other cities throughout Ontario and North America. They would be honoured to assist you through the passing of your loved one.